Polka dot back pack

Hello, Crafters!

I apologize for the long break we had there. Sometimes unforeseen events arise in life.

That being said, this blog was originally started as a semester-long class project. The class has since ended, but I would like to continue making posts. It will probably not be as many posts a week as the class had required, but I still want to share craft tips and ideas with you!

So, this idea from P.S.- I made this… has inspired me to start my posts again with this creative idea of a colorful polka dot back pack that you can easily make on your own.

P.S.-I-made-this...-polka-dot-back-pack directions.I really love the idea of using nail polish for projects like this.

P.S.- I made this… also mentions that you should put a little bit of glue on the back of the brads to help them stay securely fastened to the back pack. One of my go-to craft glues is E-6000. I highly recommend this one! It has so many uses and can be applied to a variety of different surfaces.

Happy Crafting!


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