Leg lamp pillow from ‘A Christmas Story’

Leg lamp pillow from the moive "A Christmas Story."I spotted this craft creation yesterday over at a little gray where they made a leg lamp pillow based on the movie A Christmas Story.

First, I was excited to see that someone had made a craft involving the famous leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

Second, I was a little disappointed by it. It is probably just me, but I felt like a few things could have gone better on this.

To start with, I am not sure why they used black ball fringe for the lamp and to surround the pillow. The movie fan in me wanted to shout, “Hey, that’s not right!”

I understand taking a liberty with creativity, and I support that. I just also support representing an iconic item such as the leg lamp with a little more accuracy.

If you want to be closer to the movie version, I would recommend using black chainette fringe.

Also, the leg looked a little, well … stumpy to me.

The good news is that the templates are free to download. And if you are any good at hand drawing or photo editing programs, you can fix this issue by elongating the leg before it meets the shoe.

Again, these issues could just be my point of view. If you love it the way it is, I say go for it!

Happy – “It’s a major award!” – Crafting!


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