Fall serving platter upcycle with glass paints

Fall-Serving-Platter-Upcycle with Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paints

Today I wanted to share a craft idea that upcycles ordinary, plain dishware into something fun and festive.

Craft Test Dummies shows you how to upcycle a regular serving platter by using Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paints.

What you will need:

  • glass serving tray of your choice
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Paints by Plaid in Metallic Gold Opaque, Habenero Gloss Opaque, and Mace Gloss Opaque
  • “Leaves” Martha Stewart glass silk screen
  • foam dauber

So by upcycling glassware, you can turn blah …

Fall-Serving-Platter-Upcycle Before and After… into amazing!

Happy Crafting!


3 thoughts on “Fall serving platter upcycle with glass paints

  1. This looks so pretty and is a really cool idea. I love the texture you can see from the leaf and the use of two different colours. My mum likes to buy pieces like this as decoration in our house but this is so easy and a lot cheaper to do yourself! Her birthday is in December after I get home so I am going to try this and if I manage to do it without dropping or breaking anything I’m sure she would love it!
    If you find anything about decorating dishware in the same way but with a Christmas theme, I would love to see that!

    • I think this would be a great idea to make for your mother! And please check back here on Craft Away! after Thanksgiving. I will start to post about Christmas crafts then, and I will try to find a decorative Christmas dishware craft for you. 🙂

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