DIY magnet photo tiles for your fridge

Photo Tile Magnets for your Fridge

A fellow reader of this page has suggested that I make a post about magnet projects. So I have found one that I hope everyone will enjoy!

I am no stranger to making magnets to go on my fridge, but Photojojo has posted a really great idea that will let you fully personalize your fridge magnets.

When choosing what pictures you would like to display, you can show off your Photoshop skills, or even pick something out of a magazine.

Supplies you will need:

  • photos to print (or taken from a magazine)
  • printer
  • mat board or illustration board
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Glaze
  • magnets
  • xacto knife or scissors
  • ruler
  • straight pin
  • plastic cups (optional)

Just follow the easy steps illustrated at Photojojo and you are well on your way to having customized magnet photo tiles to put on your fridge or any other surface you would like.

Happy Crafting!


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