Recycled Halloween crafts

Halloween is here! So I would like to wish all of you crafters who celebrate this holiday a very Happy Halloween!

And if you find yourself tomorrow with extra empty egg cartons, or empty toilet paper rolls on hand for some reason, I found some craft ideas that will help you get rid of the evidence, uh, I mean help you recycle those items into some fun crafts.

Here is a video posted by Animaplates on YouTube that uses those empty egg cartons to make a crafty spider.

And here is a video by VintageNotion on YouTube that shares ten craft project ideas that recycles toilet paper rolls.

Happy Halloween, Crafters!


2 thoughts on “Recycled Halloween crafts

  1. I LOVE the spiders… they are so cute! I attempted to make a slight effort with Halloween decorations for my apartment by buying mini paper pumpkins from Wal-Mart but I think these look awesome and really cute! So next year I’m going to ditch the pumpkins and dot some spiders around instead … my roommates will love them!
    It reminded me of a TV show I would watch when I was really young called ‘Spider in the bath’.

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