Make your own wand

Ever wanted to make your own wand because you like the Harry Potter series, or just because you think it would be cool to have your own wand?

Well, I have found a short video posted by Paul Mason on YouTube that shows you one way to make a wand.

While the video is good for showing viewers how to make a wand, I have a few suggestions.

Instead of using a big dowel rod like featured in the video, you can use a smaller one to achieve a quicker wand.

If you are worried about the handle being too narrow because of using a smaller rod, you can bind the handle with more suede lace or other cording of your choice for a better grip.

Also, if you are apprehensive about using wood stain, I would suggest using Old English Furniture Polish. That is what I used when I made my wand.

Just keep in mind that you will only have two options if you decide to use Old English, either light or dark. So if you are looking to achieve a certain coloring, wood stain may provide better options for you.

Happy Crafting!


4 thoughts on “Make your own wand

      • I’ve got patience. Lots and lots of it. The wand wasn’t actually that bad. If you check out my BSG papercraft however, THAT just about pushed me to my patience limit. 13 hours worth of cutting, folding and gluing pieces of paper was enough.

      • Frak! I wouldn’t attempt to make that. 13 hours is a long time, and I cringe if crafts like that are made out of paper. It makes it too easy for someone to “accidentally sit on” or break it. But kudos to you! That’s really cool. 🙂

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