Jack-o’-Lantern Cake

Jack-o'-Lantern Cake

I love cake.  I really do.  So you will probably see some more cake posts here in the future.  But Halloween is coming up, and this was just too good to pass up!

Over on the Betty Crocker website is a short instructional video showing viewers how to make a Jack-o’-Lantern cake, like the one featured in the picture.

There are great tips like using wax paper to help smooth out the icing process, and freezing the cake for a period of time before spreading on the final coat of icing.

There is also no expensive special cake pan that you need to buy for this.  All you need are two oven-safe casserole type bowls to help get the rounded shape, and you are good to go.

So there you have it, a cute Halloween themed cake that is relatively simple to make, and just in time for the holiday.



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