A Masquerade Mask Masterpiece

Masquerade Mask

First, I love masquerade masks.  Second, I love making masquerade masks.

So I am excited to share a video that I found of Cynthialoowho on YouTube demonstrating how to make one.

I really like that this mask seems to be more substantial and made of higher quality than the usual paper-like flimsy ones that I have seen so often.

This is a good video to watch if you want to gain a better understanding of how to make a mask, but I wanted to share this video to inspire you and get your creativity flowing so you can make a mask that speaks to you.

Another great thing about this is that you can make a mask that looks great without breaking the bank.

Cynthialoowho mentions that she got some of the items she uses for the mask on sale.  That is the best time to get supplies for projects like this depending on how elaborate you want your design to be.

Also, since it is your own unique design, you can use scraps and items left over from other projects to create your own masterpiece.

For a little more inspiration, I am including a picture of two masks that I made a few years ago using mostly left over materials.

My MasksHappy Crafting!


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