Crushed Can Art

Hello Crafters!

Today we feature an artist who wanted to share his recycled Crushed Can Art with the viewers of this blog.  Charles Kaufman takes empty beverage cans, flattens them, and hand paints them.

I have never seen painted recycled cans like this before, but I think that it is great to reuse and reshape cans into art.

Feel free to check out his crushed can art, and possibly find some inspiration there.

Happy Crafting!


Plastic Water Bottle Earrings

Have extra water bottles hanging around the house?  Here is a great idea found on P.S.- I made this… to reuse those bottles and turn them into fun, unique earrings.

Materials you will need:Water Bottles

  • Water Bottle
  • Pearl Beads
  • Earring Wire
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Lighter
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Swiss Army Knife

The directions are clear and simple to follow.  And in no time, you can have your newly crafted earrings made.

Melting the plastic from the water bottles can also lead to other project ideas.  So feel free to get creative and Craft Away!

Revamping Vinyl Records

I love listening to my vinyl record collection. And I am not going to lie, seeing records scratched and gouged to the point where they are no longer playable makes me want to cry.

However, I found a great, cheap craft idea that recycles those old vinyl records you may still want to keep around, but in a different form.  In this case, the video shows you how to make a decorative bowl out of the albums.

“All you need are some old LP record albums, 20 minutes, and an oven and you’ve got a unique, cute, and unusual gift.”

Bottle Cap Magic

Bottle caps can be recycled (or purchased at a craft store) to make fun, unique jewelry, pendants, and key chains.

With bottle cap designs, you can express yourself and your creative ideas by filling in the center of the bottle cap with whatever medium speaks to you.

I have not made bottle cap jewelry for a while, but the examples shown at Jamillah’s Jems have sparked my interest again with different design ideas.

Dressing these recyclable pieces up and making them personalized, wearable jewelry, is a fun and cheap craft project to occupy your time.

Bottle Cap Pile

Get Ready…Get Set…Craft!

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